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 Welcome to WOLF


At WOLF, World of Lucid Freelancers, we do what we do best...create outstanding content for clients locally (Kent and Lambton Counties, Ontario, Canada), as well as online clients from around the world. 

WOLF actually started out as a Desktop Publishing business in 1982 and has grown and changed to keep up with the ever changing internet world.  Today, we function as a content service provider that operates as a one-stop business center offering a vast array of services.  We believe the "Client" deserves to be treated with respect, as they work as hard as we do to keep their business performing well and making money. 

Our dedicated team of savvy Administrators, Virtual Assistants, Bookkeepers, and Freelance Content Writers ensures that our clients have what they need to succeed in a world that is moving at an all-time record pace. 


Our Beliefs:


R - Respect for our "Clients" and our "Freelancers".

E - Education and Growth.

S - SEO Content is essential to our success.

P - Planning and Development using new technologies.

E - Effective Contact and Communication.

C - Competition, Compensation, and Contracts.

T - Trust and Personal Dignity.


"Earn as you Learn" Program


At WOLF, our freelancers work as a team of professionals; therefore, our CEO offers a training program to ensure that new freelancers learn and grow, while earning.  This program promotes growth using various teaching strategies and techniques.  Training through this program guarantees that "our clients" receive a continual stream of consistently lucid content that is clear, concise, and SEO ready for posting.

Clients use Wolf's Services to:


  • Ghostwrite specialized SEO content for their business
  • Keep their business functioning in a timely manner
  • Save time not having to deal with bidding services
  • Have all their services provided by one company
  • Provide additional support services they require
  • Receive a guarantee on services provided
  • Contract with a company that is reliable and affordable
  • Form a lasting relationship with WOLF for years to come


There are many other reasons our clients return to have each project completed by our reliable freelancers. 

All of our freelancers are from United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and speak "English" as their first language.



World of Lucid Freelancers

P. O. Box 5314, Forest, Ontario, N0N 1J0. 


Email us:  worldoflucidfreelancers@gmail.com

SKYPE ID: Lucid Wolf